“I learned how to be assertive. Normally I would just ignore people, but women need to be assertive and show strength; to stand up for yourself.” Nina M. (age 12)

For every girl that takes our classes, another girl in the world is empowered.

Kurukula’s Goal
To foster Empowerment and abolish the inequality of girls & women around the world.

By donating a significant portion of the funds we raise to global non-profits, we strive to
empower all girls & women, and eliminate inequality and oppression. Together we will change laws, provide education & job training, and give women everywhere the equal rights they deserve.

Help us reach our goal by registering for our classes, purchasing a T-shirt on the Merchandise page, or clicking the donation link below.
To date, we have donated thousand of dollars to charity & with your help we can assist even more.
Thank you for your support!


Award Winning Empowerment for Women