“You learn how real things happen.” Hannah M. (age 12)

1. What do I need to bring to class?
Please wear comfortable work-out clothes and sneakers for movement. You should also bring bottled water and a pen and notebook if you wish to take notes. For longer classes (2 hrs+) you may wish to bring a light snack.

2. What can I expect at each class?
Half of the class will be movement (easy self-defense drills), the other half is empowerment discussions and fun activities.

3. What type of self-defense do we learn?
You will learn awareness and avoidance tactics and hands-on practical defense skills to keep you safe. This includes how to use your body effectively to strike an attacker’s target points without injuring yourself. Anyone can learn these simple and effective skills.

4. What does the name Kurukula mean? Is it religious?
Kurukula is named after the Tibetan Goddess of Empowerment. She is very symbolic in Eastern mythology. She represents the one who has “awakened energy” or “enlightenment” and “power”. The name and program have no religious affiliation.

5. How many students are there per class?
Our program is very popular, but we limit the class size for personal instruction to ensure every participant is comfortable.

6. How can I get a Kurukula class in my area?
If you can provide us with a minimum of 3 interested participants, and a space for classes to be held, we may be able to offer a private class for you. For larger groups, or corporate events email us at empower@kurukula.org for more info.

7. Does Kurukula offer private instruction?
Yes! Our private classes for girls are very popular & a great way to address any specific areas of concern you may have. Please email Dara@kurukula.org for more info.

8. Can I repeat the class?
Yes! In fact many girls have taken the program a few times. Each class is a little different depending on the group involved. You are welcome to repeat it or request level advanced training for your private group.

9. Does Kurukula teach in schools?
We work with schools upon request. If you would like Kurukula to come to your school please email empower@kurukula.org with the name of a local contact person at your school.

10.How can I talk to someone by phone?
If you wish to speak to our director please call Dara at 510-847-2400.

11. I believe in your work, how can I help?
As a service organization, we rely heavily on the support of volunteers to get the word out about our work. We need volunteers who can help us find studio space to lead our classes, and to help post flyers. If you are interested in volunteering please email us. Or if you simply wish to make a contribution to support our charity work visit our “Merch” page here. We welcome volunteers and couldn’t run our program without you!

12. What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to re-schedule a private class after you paid in full please email empower@kurukula.org to see if we can find alternate dates. If you cancel a private class outside of 2 weeks before the class start date there is a 25% cancellation penalty. If you cancel within 2 weeks there is a 50% penalty, within 3 days 100% penalty. You can always transfer a (public) class to another person for no penalty at any time. Private class $25 registration is non-refundable.

13. My daughter mentioned a fun game that you play in class. Where can we buy it?
Kurukula uses the Jerky Johnny® game as a learning tool to help teach girls assertiveness skills for real-life situations. Girls learn to speak up with peers, young relationships & recognize signs of a dangerous person in a fun game setting. Visit www.jerkyjohnny.com to learn more.
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