Women's Empowerment Program

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.

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Kurukula Master Class:

Helping Women Live More Confidently
Empowerment Coaching
Available Nationally

Imagine being part of an intimate women's group that is fun, useful, simple, and helps you go beyond your current potential. Dara Connolly is passionate about empowering women. She was an introvert her entire life who learned that with Confidence, Clear Goals, and proper Coaching you can make your wildest dreams a reality.

If she can do it, you can do it!

Master Class helps you break through limiting beliefs and attract positive people and opportunities to you. This coaching program gives women a safe space to connect and learn:

  1. Assertiveness & Public Speaking!
Whether you wish to speak up to family members, at work meetings, or on a stage of thousands, women who speak their truth are more confident & successful. Practice finding your voice in our supportive circles.

  1. Setting Boundaries!
Learn effective tools to help keep energy draining bullies, abusers, and predators out of your life. When you build up your confidence your energy radiates and you attract positive people to you.

  1. Reach Personal Goals!
Maybe you wish to go back to work, meet new friends, earn more money, or travel the world. Whatever your goals are, our circles provide one on one coaching to help you get clear on your objectives and start pursuing your dreams with practical steps.

  1. Self-Defense!
Dara is a Certified Black Belt martial arts instructor who specializes in rape prevention and has over 15 years experience teaching women simple and easy safety skills. Learn techniques that you can use when faced with a controlling person, abusive personality, and decrease your chance of being selected by a predator.

Kurukula Master Class Provides:

  • On-going monthly women's gatherings that are fun and intimate for a small group of women to share with each other. These empowerment gatherings are lead by Dara in her East Bay studio or online for long-distance clients.
  • Larger women's circles (fun social events!) are held every 3rd Friday of the month to connect, network, and make new friends!
  • 6 personal coaching phone calls with Dara are included with your annual membership (option for more) to help you stay on track with your individual goals and track progress.
  • Master Class participants get first choice to attend Kurukula retreats, seminars, or webinars.
Kurukula Master Class is personal coaching for women who wish to have an EMPOWERED edge over other coaching programs. In addition to helping you with your personal goals, this coaching program helps develop your assertiveness and public speaking skills while providing practical self-defense training. If you are excited about making dramatic changes to your life, Master Class is beneficial for any woman over age 18 who wants to find her voice and increase her confidence. (If you have a younger daughter that can benefit from this program please email Dara for options.)

The goal of Master Class is to provide you with 4 benefits:

1. (Social) Women need a supportive circle of women to laugh, share, learn, and grow with, making life-long friends. Our circles include women that are caring, open to new friendships, and smart… Just like YOU!

2. (Confident & Assertive) Women who feel fluent to speak their inner purpose and authentic truth are more successful. Learn to find your voice in our supportive circle or share your message if you wish, to a stage of thousands.

3. (Physical Safety) Break free of the fears that hold you back from traveling alone, changing your situation, or living a completely independent life. Our circles leave you feeling confident and strong with simple empowering defense skills that you can use every day.

4. (Financial/Personal Goals) Empowered women not only challenge themselves to reach new goals, they are financially independent. Dara has grown her business into an award-winning empowerment organization, internationally published author, and recognized anti-bullying and sexual assault prevention speaker. With one on one coaching, she may help you define your specific goals, streamline your process, and expand your income.

Master Class is on-going monthly training that you can join or cancel at anytime. The entire program expands over 12 months but some clients enjoy being a part of our group for less time or much longer. We meet on weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Come to as few or as many circles as you wish!
Personal life-coaching calls with Dara are available at your convenience for those women who live beyond our workshop radius.

Curious women are welcome to drop in to our
Friday circle, every 3rd Friday of the month from 6:15-7:30pm in Pleasanton, CA to learn more about Master Class. Reserve your space in our monthly circle here:<form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post" target="_top">value="_s-xclick">

Are you ready to start attracting positive people and opportunities to you? Go ahead and fill out the
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Master Class is not a replacement for seeking professional help with abusive or life threatening situations, nor can it guarantee success in relationships or other. Our intention is to guide, support, and offer suggestions for personal growth to help you live your best life.